What is Workplace Retaliation and What are Your Rights in Connecticut?

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This hypothetical scenario happens more often than you might think. Steve works in the human resources department for a large logistics company in New Haven. His boss hands him a pile of resumes and tells him to weed out those from young women, saying that the company doesn’t want to invest in someone who might soon go on maternity leave. When Steve complains about the company’s illegal practice of hiring based on an applicant’s age [...]

4 Things to Consider Before Signing a Severance Agreement

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When you’ve just lost your job, signing that severance agreement on the desk in front of you is highly tempting. It likely offers a month’s salary (maybe even two or three) and an offer to pay your medical insurance until the end of the year. Before you sign, though, you need to consider what you’re giving away in exchange for the money and health coverage. Here are four primary things you need to watch out [...]

A Brief Introduction to Protected Employment Classes

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In an ideal world, everyone is judged on the basis of their character, and success is determined by genuine ability. Unfortunately, some people remain prejudiced against others who are of a different sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or similar trait, and that attitude can manifest itself in the form of employment discrimination. What is Employment Discrimination? Federal anti-discrimination laws describe a protected class as a group of people with a common characteristic, such as race [...]

Employment Law: I Need a Remedy – Punitive Damages and Attorney’s Fees (Part 4)

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Punitive damages and reasonable attorney’s fees are available in most types of employment cases.  Punitive damages punish the defendant-employer. To recover these damages, you must prove that your employer acted “with malice or with reckless indifference.” In other words, the employer intentionally discriminated or retaliated against you. In 2008, a former FedEx employee received a punitive damages award of $100,000 because the employer denied his requests for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. [...]

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Tax Considerations

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TAX CONSIDERATIONS FOR PERSONAL INJURY CASES Mike Hovell is a tax accountant and credit repair specialist. He’s a founding member of Brooklyn Tax and Credit in Brooklyn, New York, where he focuses on business consulting and credit building, taxation, and consumer credit repair. For more information about Mr. Hovell and his company, visit his website at www.brooklyntaxandcredit.com or call him at (347) 560-3218. I recently caught up with Mr. Hovell to discuss important issues that [...]

Employment Law: I Need a Remedy – Back Pay (Part 1)

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So you were terminated or denied a promotion and you have good reason to believe it was due to discrimination. I get a lot of these calls. Your next move should be to create a comprehensive list of all the evidence that supports your case. It should include witness names, photographs, emails, and documents. In the song "Remedy," the Black Crowes asked, "Can I have some remedy?" In the employment discrimination context, what’s your legal remedy? Believe [...]

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Employment Law: I Need a Remedy – Emotional Distress (Part 3)

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  Emotional distress is a type of damage that is intended to compensate you for the harm you suffered as a result of your employer’s action or inaction. Direct medical evidence is not necessary; however, you must support your claim with “competent evidence of genuine injury.” This can be done through your testimony as long as you offer specific facts as to the nature of the emotional distress and the causal connection to the employer’s [...]

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Employment Law: I Need a Remedy – Front Pay (Part 2)

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Front pay is available in employment discrimination cases when – despite reasonable efforts – you can’t find suitable employment, including reinstatement to the job that you were fired from. Courts have defined it as “the amount of money an employee would have made while working for the employer in the future, without the discrimination.” In 2009, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a 10-year front-pay award. That’s an extremely rare result. Trial judges, while [...]

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