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There are few shocks more severe than losing your job. Not only do you feel betrayed by your employer, you wonder how you will provide for yourself and your family.

Connecticut has laws against wrongful termination and unfair employment practices. Whether you’ve been fired – possibly wrongfully – or legally laid off, you may be owed back wages or overtime pay.

We represent employees throughout the state of Connecticut, even against large corporations. We will evaluate your case carefully to discover what type of claim you may have against your former employer so that we can help you seek justice in either state or federal court.

If you have been discriminated against on the basis of age, national origin, gender, race, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation or military status, federal and Connecticut law offers you recourse against losing your job or being mistreated in the workplace. This includes being denied a job or promotion and experiencing retaliation or a hostile work environment.

Federal and Connecticut law require that employers pay at least a minimum wage for all hours worked, and most hourly employees are due time and a half for working over 40 hours per week. If you feel you’re not being properly paid, we can evaluate your case to determine what you may be owed.

If you feel that you are being paid less for the same work on the basis of your gender – whether you are a woman or a man – both state and federal law protect your rights to equal pay for equal work.

These days a lot of employers are “easing out” their older, more experienced, higher paid workforce in favor of a cheaper, less experienced part time workforce with less pay and benefits.

If you’ve been with your company for years and find your position being eliminated – while another worker is doing your job, you could be due an attractive severance package – more than your employer is going to offer on its own. We can take a look at your situation to see if you have been a victim of age discrimination, or if other employment laws have been violated. This can give us leverage to negotiate the maximum severance package on your behalf.

In general, if you’ve lost your job due to any reason other than willful misconduct or voluntary resignation, you are eligible to collect unemployment benefits. There are some exceptions to this, and it’s our job to understand the complexity of the unemployment compensation system in Connecticut.

If you feel that you have been denied benefits that are due to you, or your employer has appealed and you stand to lose your benefits, let us look at your claim to see how we can help you keep or win the maximum compensation available.

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