Payroll errors happen, but most can be resolved easily by having your supervisor or HR department review your employee file, timesheets, and pay records. When you first notice a discrepancy in your paycheck, the best place to start is with your boss. They can back you up by attesting to the hours you’ve worked and your weekly schedule in case your personal records and the employer’s payroll records differ. Here are some tips for talking to your boss about problems with your pay.

Review Pay Issues Before Notifying Your Supervisor

Always be prepared to present proof of the discrepancy. This can be in the form of previous pay stubs, time sheets, or your written job offer with your listed salary. With these, you can easily calculate your paycheck and show your boss the exact amount that’s missing.

Schedule a Private Meeting

Pay issues should not be brought up in a public forum. Keep them quiet and schedule a private meeting with your supervisor to discuss them. Ask her for your time records to make sure they’re accurate. She may decide to include an HR representative in the meeting to help resolve the issue.

Keep Calm

Always go into your meeting with a logical and rational mind. Most likely the problem will be simple to resolve, so there’s no real reason to get upset. Don’t go in with emotional guns blazing, threatening to file a legal complaint. All that will do is pit you against them instead of showing that you want to work together. As long as you can provide detailed records to your boss and HR (always copies, never originals), you should be compensated in a timely manner.

Be Cooperative

Make sure your employer knows that you’re willing to cooperate by providing any additional information that may be required. If you need to schedule a time for both you and your supervisor to meet with HR, then make sure the time is mutually convenient to keep all parties happy. Follow-up in writing (emails are best) while your boss or HR investigates the problem.  Only after you’ve exhausted all of your other options should you consider taking legal action.

If you’ve talked to your employer about a payroll discrepancy until you’re blue in the face and it still hasn’t resolved the issue, then it may be time to consider speaking with an experienced wage and hour attorney. Monarch Law can review your case and step in to fight for the money you’re owed. Call us at 860-828-2166 today.