When you’re hurt on the job, one of the thoughts you’ll have is how does this impact my ability to provide for myself or my family. In order to start getting the benefits that you’re entitled to, you must follow the filing process.

So here’s what you need to know about filing a workers’ compensation claim in Connecticut.

When to File

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You have up to 1 year to file your claim or 3 years from the first manifestation of a symptom of an occupational disease. An “occupational disease” is defined as a “disease peculiar to an occupation and caused by hazards greater than the run-of-the-mill risks of working in general.” An injured worker must file a form known as a “30C” to perfect his or her claim. Don’t rely on your employer to do it for you and don’t assume it was done by the insurance company.


How to File

Get the form here and follow the instructions.

Mail the original to the Workers’ Compensation Commission District Office (covering the town where you were injured; see page 2 of the 30C form) and a copy to your employer via certified mail and request a return receipt. If you decide to deliver it in person, then be sure to get a receipt showing the date of delivery and the name of the person who received it.

What Happens Next

The employer gets 28 days from the date it received the 30C to start making payments “without prejudice” or to deny the claim. If it doesn’t take these actions, then the employer cannot fight your claim and it must accept responsibility. The employer has up to 1 year to contest the claim if it made payments within the first 28 days.

I’m amazed at how many clients mistakenly think they already “filed” a workers’ compensation claim. Most insurance companies love dealing with injured workers who don’t have a lawyer on their side. Don’t wait for the insurance company to delay your benefits or medical treatment before you talk to a lawyer.

Let us take away the stress so you can focus on getting healed and back to work. Send an e-mail to Tony@MonarchLawCT.com if you want to schedule a time to talk to us about your work injury.