Every state in the U.S. offers unemployment benefits for employees who find themselves without a job through no fault of their own, but the rules to obtain these benefits differ from state to state. Here’s what you need to know about qualifying for unemployment compensation benefits in Connecticut.

Who Is Eligible for Connecticut Unemployment Benefits?

To be approved for unemployment benefits in Connecticut, you must meet three requirements. First, you must meet a minimum threshold of 40 times the weekly benefit rate with your past earnings.

Second, your separation from employment must not be due to your resignation or intentional misconduct. 

Finally, you must be able to work and have availability, as well as actively be seeking a job. If you’re offered suitable employment, you must take the job.

How Long Do Unemployment Compensation Benefits Last and How Much Will You Get?

Unemployment compensation benefits are available for up to roughly 6 months. If you find a job in that time, your benefits will stop. If you’re still unemployed after 26 weeks, your benefits will also stop. This gives you the motivation to seek out a position as quickly as possible.

Your benefit amount is determined by the CT Department of Labor.  The average wages from your two highest quarters in a chosen base period is divided by 26. The maximum benefit you can receive is $613.00 as of October 2017. A small increase is expected in October 2018.

How Do You Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut?

You can apply for unemployment benefits by fax, phone, mail, or online in the state of Connecticut. The Department of Labor website has more information. Once you file a claim, you’ll have to continue to file weekly to remain eligible. Once the Department of Labor has received your application, it will send you the necessary documents including a Monetary Determination Letter which tells you what your potential benefit amount is and how long you can collect for.

How Do You Appeal a Denial?

If your claim is denied, you have 3 weeks to appeal your unemployment decision with the Appeals Division in writing. This can be done by sending in a letter or filing online. Once your request is received, the Unemployment Security Appeals Division will schedule a hearing to receive evidence from you and your previous employer. Your case is then decided by a Referee who will send you written notice of her decision.

If you disagree with the Referee’s decision, you have 21 days to appeal to the Board of Review. Under limited circumstances, you can appeal the Board’s decision to the Connecticut Superior Court.

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