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How can I be prepared for an auto accident?

This may seem difficult to believe, but planes are much safer than cars (and by a landslide). If choosing to fly, the chances of there being a fatal accident is one in 16 million, which is why those accidents are widely televised when they do occur. It is a rare occurrence, yet the possibly often scares people more than driving on a daily basis. The odds of dying in a car crash are actually one [...]

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Employment Law Case: First Steps for the Plaintiff

Filing a lawsuit against your employer seems intimidating and stressful, but can be a necessary step to justice. No matter the problem, there are legal professionals who will assist you and try their best to obtain a legal remedy. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of their employees, and it can be difficult to know when you should take the issue to court. Of course, always ask a lawyer if the problem at hand [...]

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