This may seem difficult to believe, but planes are much safer than cars (and by a landslide). If choosing to fly, the chances of there being a fatal accident is one in 16 million, which is why those accidents are widely televised when they do occur. It is a rare occurrence, yet the possibly often scares people more than driving on a daily basis. The odds of dying in a car crash are actually one in 114, which is much more intimidating than 16 million. 


The probability of being involved in a car crash, even with a menial injury, completely depends on one’s demographics; where you live, how you drive, your vehicle, how often you drive, and personal safety procedures, all play a role. It is startling that the United States suffers from about 90 deaths per day related to motor vehicle accidents, which is twice the average as other first world countries. That being said, how can you best prepare for this possibility? 


First, take the proper safety procedures. Do not text and drive, drive distracted, or speed. And, always wear your seatbelt! In addition to the basics, do research on your vehicle or the vehicle you are looking to purchase. The Kelly Blue Book offers in-depth safety reviews for most car models, which can be used to make an informed decision. Every car brand conducts dummy tests for intense car accidents and researching those results can help someone understand the safety of the vehicle. Not all brands will change the anatomy of a car model based on those tests, so research potential changes as well. The reality is that some car models and brands are safer than others, despite the current federal regulations. However, even the safest and most prepared individuals can suffer from a car accident. 


Although research cannot save you from the possibility of a car accident, it can greatly help. This research also expands to knowing your rights in the event of an accident and knowing what to do immediately after an accident. To that end, knowing and talking to the personal injury lawyers in your given area can help provide this information . If you have been injured in a car accident and need an attorney to assist, there is no shortage of injury lawyers throughout your area. The pressure of finding the right lawyer for you can be overwhelming when also dealing with the injuries from  an accident. Connecting with and building a relationship with an attorney before the potential event can make this process much easier and less stressful. 


Connect with friends and family members about their past experiences with personal injury lawyers, and then research further from there. Understand the types of cases specific attorneys have experience with, including the level of litigation they have confronted. It is rare for a personal injury case to make it to trial , as they can be  resolved before. Only 5% of cases actually go to trial, which entirely depends on the situation and accident. 90% of those cases are lost in the courtroom, which is why hiring the right attorney to protect your rights and negotiate a possible resolution before this point, can provide the best outcome for you and your loved ones.  


Try to ask a particular law office their own statistics and previous experiences. Read reviews, ask previous clients (that you are connected with), and research the overall process. Being prepared for the worst case scenario is important, and will lift an enormous weight off your shoulder if you are involved in a vehicle accident.